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Catalina Chimes Tower Gift Box
Catalina Chimes Tower Gift Box
Our most popular buttery sugar cookies, with designs inspired by the artistic Catalina Chimes Tower ceramic tiles. Each box contains 8 large fresh-baked sugar cookies in a beautiful keepsake gift box. Kosher Dairy (OU-D)

Catalina Island is home to a number of iconic buildings and one of the most melodic is the Catalina Chimes Tower, which tolls every hour and plays every 15 minutes.

10% of sales will be donated to the Catalina Chimes Tower Foundation, charged with restoring the tile-roofed building that houses the 1925 chimes.

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Designer Desserts

At Modern Bite, we are driven by flavor and design. Our cookies, hand-crafted in small batches, start with only the finest, all natural ingredients: non-GMO unsalted butter, whole fresh eggs, cane sugar, pure Madagascar Bourbon vanilla, finely milled flour and a pinch of salt. We never use artificial flavors or preservatives. And our baked goods are certified Kosher dairy.

Each day begins with the comforting hum of convection ovens, the whirr of hard-working mixers, and the rhythmic chopping of Callebault chocolate, the core ingredient in our Triple Chocolate Brownies. The kitchen fills with the inviting scent of golden brown sugar caramelizing in our freshly baked cookies. Fresh roasted peanuts, English toffee bits and heaping cups of creamy peanut butter combine with salty pretzel bits for our signature Toffee Peanut Pretzel Cookies. Buttery sugar cookies are hand-cut with precision, baked to golden brown perfection, and carefully royal-iced before being topped off with an attention-grabbing pattern, photo or logo design. Artfully arranged into keepsake boxes, these treats make the perfect gift for the discerning sweet tooth with an eye for design.

We take great care to ensure freshness, immediately packing and shipping your order to deliver our crispy, chewy, melt-in-your-mouth goodness from our kitchen to you, wherever you are.

We look forward to baking for you!